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Duchess Satin Victorian Style Gown

Duchess Satin Victorian style gown

Duchess Satin Victorian style gown with fine lace panels on front of bodice and skirt. Lace over inner sleeve too. Lace edging, ribbons and rice pearl beading added along with pink roses and ribbons.

Shop Manager’s Notes: There are three colour options for you to choose from our Duchess Satin range. Our online shop also entails a beautiful selection of Lace Fabric1154 Ribbon Rose Bundle and endless uses of Ribbon.

2 thoughts on “Duchess Satin Victorian Style Gown

  1. Shop Manager says:

    Frances your glorious victorian inspired gown looks incredible. The technicality in the construction of it must have been challenging. Nevertheless, the garment looks great! Thank you for sending in your creation and we would love to see others!

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