How do I collect Points?
Receive 2 points for every £1 spent on the Fabric Land website.

How do I spend my points?
Collect 50 points and go to My Account Page, Click ‘Points’ and convert those points to a coupon. Choose the number of points you want to apply to a coupon. Once you have generated a coupon code simply copy and paste that code into the coupon on the checkout page.

How much are my points worth?
50 points are worth £1. For every 50 points you add to a coupon you will receive £1 off at checkout.

How long do I get to spend my coupon?
Once you have generated a coupon you will have 30 days from that date to apply the coupon at the checkout.

How long do my point last after they have been earned?

Your points are held on the system for 1 year. If you do not use them within a year, they are deleted from the system

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