Endless uses of fabric and haberdashery…

Fabric Land has been a provider of all things fabric and haberdashery for over 30 years. Their customers demands vary with every sale they make. Whether its requirements for dance shows, clothing for shipping crews or even things needed for the Olympics, Fabric Land aims to understand the needs of their customers and satisfy every request.

Fabric Land has an impressive client list who include Pinewood Studios, Angels, Centre Park Shows and even the BBC and they have have enabled many people, groups and organisations to find the perfect ingredients for their innovative garments.

With over three decades experience of offering a unique and large range of fabrics and haberdashery, Fabric Land are providers to some well known organisations as well as the independent home sewers. If you take a look at the UK 2012 Olympics opening ceremony, you will spot some gorgeous fabric from Fabric Land. Many, and we mean many, carnivals have been supplied with fabric and haberdashery by Fabric Land. One of which is the Gay Pride in Brighton and Bournemouth where the floats are always filled with beautiful fabrics with unmistakable bright and wonderful colours in the mix. In addition, stage productions such as the popular West End production ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’, have been provided with all their fabrics and haberdashery by, (yes), Fabric Land. There are also many amateur dramatics and dancing schools that require exclusive fabric for their annual or biannual performances.

“We also provide to P&O Cruises for their stage production as well as Saga Ships and Air Tools…not just that, we also provide to Merlin Entertainment (where we have supplied to Alton Towers), Pantomimes, Mayfair Flower Shows whom have been customers for 24 years and even bits and pieces for the Big Brother house” states Jeremy Berg, owner of Fabric Land. “It’s astonishing to analyse the buyers and the uses of our fabrics – as its limitless”.

Fabric Lands’ success is partly down to providing customers with choice. Take bridal fabric as an example, back in time bridal fabric was very hard to access but Fabric Land opened the gates to people so they can pick and choose the exact bridal fabric they prefered. Fabric Land have taken away the restrictions and are given customers the opportunity to purchase specific fabrics which liberates every customers as they are achieving their desired garment without someone saying ‘no’ to them.

Fabric Land aims to offer the very best. Owner, Natalie Berg and her husband, Jeremy, personally travel around Asia to gain all the different ranges of products so their customers have a diversity of choice. Natalie also designs and manufactures fabric herself to also offer exclusivity for her customers. It’s clear to see that they put their customers first and their business decisions are very customer-focused and kept in mind at all times.

Whatever the matter of the creation, Fabric Land will be there to provide you with what you need and want. With 9 fabric shops across the south of England and a stunning new website with an online shop, www.fabricland.co.uk customers are filling their baskets and taking advantage of the exclusive products.

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