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Great British Sewing Bee EP5 Catchup


*Image from BBC Iplayer

Episode 5 1960's Week

[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]What a week last week, well it gets even tougher now at The Great British Sewing Bee. With a 1960’s theme, taking on iconic garments and creating your own stamp and feel on it, it’s all about adding colour and personality to your work. With the difficulty level higher than ever, sewing techniques need to be accurate with minimum time catered to mistakes. Can you handle the heat? Well let’s get sewing![/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]Colour Block Dress:

Like every first task, there is a pattern to follow for the iconic 1960s colour block dress. This requires multiple panels and a total of 14 pieces, all within 3 hours and 45 minutes. When choosing fabric colours for your garment, a good starting place it to pick out polar opposites in order to convey that bold, contrasting feel. Our online fabric shop indulges on the choice of all colours and materials which is essential for this task. The contestants use vintage technology to commit towards the 60s dress-making, however, this is not essential for me as I keep focus on the choice of colour, fabrics and the technical sewing to create that clean a-line and crisp finish. Top tip, ensure you follow the guidelines to create that perfect lap-zip.

PVC to Fashionable Icon:

PVC fabric was predominantly used for raincoats in the 1960s and we don’t tend to see it around as often. This task involves creating a garment out of the fabric, that you wouldn’t usually see. Therefore, creativity and going against the norm is ideal here, so go wild, create that impact and try stick to the 90 minute time limit. We have a great selection of PVC for you to use with a range of colours to cut out shapes and create a dynamic piece of garment. Also get your hands on our haberdashery kits as these are exceptional add-ons that will make a big difference to your design.

Patterned Jackets:

Things are firing up now and this weeks final task it to create a vintage 60s patterned jacket in 6 ½ hours. Here at Fabric Land we offer the ideal jacketing fabric to give that bespoke made-to-fit garment. Don’t play the safe game, go wild with our haberdashery to really reform your jacket to fulfill the needs of character building and inspire new creations of jackets. The time limit reflects that this is a very labour intensive task so rummage around and find the perfect patterns to suit your 60s style.

Show off your creations by posting them on https://www.facebook.com/fabriclandltd/ and see how well others are competing too. You can also send your designs to our Inspiration page at https://fabricland.co.uk/your-creations/ and socialise with felow dress-makers.

To watch episode 5 of The Great British sewing Bee again, click here!


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