How long is it till I get my order from when I have ordered it?

We aim to process orders within 72 hours. When you have received an email informing you that your order has been completed, your order has been despatched. This does depend on the items being in stock, if you need it quicker please ask, we may be able to help. We can advise you if out of stock at the time of order, and when it will be back in.

Are any of the swatches free?

Yes / if you require one or two swatches of something specific no charge is made we send them out 2nd class post. We are a victim of our own success, so many people want free samples it can take 7-10 days to get your samples please be patient. Our sample lady is doing her best.

What do you mean by approximate roll sizes?

If you buy rolls of fabric, we write approximate roll sizes on the web site, we buy from factories all over the world, rolls come in in different sizes, we order say 23mts and get 25mts, we order 3omts and get 4omts. We will never send you more fabric than you asked for but your roll size may vary so if you order say, 60mts you will receive 60mts but you may get a 31metre roll and a 29mt roll, same 60mts but the make up is different. On odd occassions we send 2mts/ 4mts more and you will be charged for that without reference to you. We cannot cut bits and pieces off of rolls. Its sold as a roll price. If it would be more we would contact you.

I have chosen my fabric, will your match threads and zips to the fabric?

Yes of course we are happy to match threads and lining and zips to your order, ask us when placing order, we will be delighted to help.

Can you post outside to the U.K?

We are able to send goods to anywhere in the world. The postal charge depends on the weight of the goods ordered and of course where in the world you live. Price is on application, but we can always give you a ball park figure, if you tell us the amount of fabric you will be looking for, i.e. 1mt or 20mts. then we can give you an approximate price.

What details should I give to Fabric Land if I require samples?

Please include your telephone number and full name and address of where you would like the samples sent. Also be specific in your requirements, help us to help you

Are you open to the public at your warehouse?

No the warehouse location is not open to the public.

Do we have to pay VAT on our purchases?

Yes you pay VAT but its all included in the price

What are my consumer rights if the fabric is faulty?

Your statutory rights are that if your fabric is in any way faulty you entitled to your money back along with your postage and packing. Or we will replace it, or make you an allowance, it is your right to choose.

Under what circumstances will you take my full rolls or boards of fabric or haberdashery back?

If after telephoning us we agree to take your fabric or haberdashery back because you didn’t order it correctly, or it was not bespokely cut for you, i.e. full’s rolls or full boards.
When we take it back you do have to pay the returning postage, however, all other monies will be refunded. So we politely suggest you ask for a sample first.

How do the Consumer contract regulations affect me?

Fabric Land is compliant with all consumer regulations, this can be found on the Citizens advice web site.

Money has been taken from my account for a sample card but nothing arrived?

That means we have posted the sample card. If it does not arrive, that means it is lost in the post. We do not take your money until your goods or samples are actually sent. Always phone and we will re-send. We can only apologise on behalf of the postal service.

I did not test the fabric and washed it badly. Will you take it back?

As you are the manufacturer all tests relating to the fabric is your responsibility, we sell hundreds of metres of fabrics, we can give you a guide line, but as the manufacturer all tests for suitability are your responsibility. Cut a small sample before use, wash by hand cold or wash in machine. That usually does it for me.

I did not make the fabric up for a year, just put it away when it arrived. There is a fault in the fabric, can I have my money back?

Consumer contract regulations are for your protection. There is always a time limit on anything. However, we do ask that you check your fabric when it arrives, if you do not fancy making it up straight away, so any problems can be sorted at the time, our invoice tells you to do this when you are in receipt of any item we send to you. Help us to help you. Faulty goods will be replaced. Just don’t leave it too long.

How Can I Pay?

Online orders are by credit/debit card via Paypal and BACS and phone orders are by credit/debit card or BACS.

If I purchased something 5months ago will the fabric trimming be exactly the same.

Sometimes we purchase off different suppliers and import from different manufacturing mills. The item you purchased 5months ago can although very similar can be slightly manufactured or dyed a different shade. Simple.. if you want it to match send us a sample.

What happens to my details once you have dispatched my order?

We shred all details once orders are despatched

Will you pass my name or address on to any other companies?

No… we never pass on any information to other companies

Are your fabrics fire retardant?

No unless we state they are fire retardant, they are not, and 99.9% they are not.

Do I have to purchase by the roll?

You can purchase any amount of fabric on this site, from fifty centimetres to one thousand metres. Your choice. But if you are ordering a large amount it is better to purchase roll prices.