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Ice Skating Dress

Made from a Jalie pattern using galaxy explosion for the skirt, cuffs and collar and 420 g super shine Lycra, both from fabric land chosen by my daughter. The bodice and arms are lined with red fleece to keep her warm.

Shop Manager’s Note: If you would like to explore some of the materials used here, check out our Online Shop for the full range of Lycra Fabric, Fleece Fabric and even the gorgeous Lycra Patterned Silver Galaxy Explosion Hologram.

2 thoughts on “Ice Skating Dress

  1. Gail says:

    Thanks for your kind words. My daughter stood out from the crowd in this dress. Making another. Watch this space.

  2. Shop Manager says:

    This ice skating outfit has been constructed very elegantly Gail, well done! I can just see the Silver Galaxy Explosion Hologram skirt flowing beautifully across the ice whilst the fleeced bodice is keeping the warmth in- brilliant! Thank you for sending in your creation and we would love to see more!

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