With over 30 years experience, an average of 5,000 different fabrics and a customer base of over 600,000, Fabric Land are the biggest providers of fabric and haberdashery in the UK.

The very popular Fabric Land is well known for its immense choice that it brings to the market and Natalie Berg, owner of Fabric Land, has a true talent in the art of fabric and an exceptionally keen eye for picking the right products.

So let’s take a look at just a few products that are roaming the online and offline shops.

Time for a Wedding:

From past orders, there has been a continuous trend of Bridal Fabric purchased at a high demand during the months of January, February and March. This trend accounts to more bride-to-be’s requiring bespoke and made-to-measure bridal gowns. Most weddings are scheduled for the summer and this is a good reflection as purchasing Bridal Fabric in the early months; giving plenty of time for design, fittings and improvements.

Within Bridal Fabric, customers select from variants of Lace Fabric, Satin, Silky Satin, Silk Dupion, Brocade Fabric and many more. One popular fabric within the bridal category is the Satin Backed Dupion and this is from it luxurious and strong feel once it touches the skin. So let’s not settle for ‘it’s fine’! CALLING OUT TO ALL BRIDES-TO-BE: make your wedding day perfect with your own fabrics that YOU feel amazing in and you’ll be sure to get that spotlight shining bright on you!

Christmas is on its way:

You may consider that the winter holidays are a long way away, especially whilst you’re enjoying your time in the sun. However, Christmas Fabric is a popular choice for Fabric Land’s customers and this is because Natalie creates and manufactures exclusive christmas designs. The point of it is to keep things different; you will not find the same designs at the wholesalers.

Christmas Fabric ranges from Cotton, Quilting, Polyester Cotton, and even 100% Polyester Eyelash Fabric – not to mention the discreet use of Haberdashery! The Ribbons and Wadding are ideal for christmas time. The winter holidays will surely be fun to get ready for!

You WILL fit in those:

The nation has fallen in love with Lycra Fabric. Not long ago fabric such as lycra was not stocked in wholesalers as it was seen as a fabric used just for swimming and pilates. How time has changed, as Fabric Land were one of the first to offer their customers Lycra Fabric before it came in high demand. Not only that, the Lycra Fabric is designed by Fabric Land; again providing that essential tool of exclusivity and uniqueness.

The Lycra Fabric comes in different forms of: Cotton, Lace, Foiling, Animal Pattern, Abstract Pattern, Velvet Velour and Stretch Mesh to name a few. The increased popularity of the fabric has also increased the purpose of use and put Lycra Fabric on the map of sewing. So give your outfit that fitted feel with Lycra Fabric and that secret stretch which makes sure you can fit in your beautiful garment wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

Exclusive fabric from Fabric Land:

The very special Hilberg Fabric is Natalie’s very own fabric range. The designs are bespoke and unique. Wholesalers do not tend to cater to the need of exclusivity and that is why Fabric Land is far from a wholesaler, they:

  • Give people more choice
  • Offer very good prices
  • Provide customers exclusivity with bespoke designs
  • Always put the customers first and aim to fulfil their requirements with maximum efforts.

Don’t settle for less when you can have more! The customer doesn’t need to purchase over-priced and already-made garments when you can create your own individual garment that is tailored to you and your body. With endless choices of fabrics, let Fabric Land do the honours of introducing you to the world of creating your own garments and experience that satisfaction of replying with ‘I made it myself’ when someone asks where you got it from!