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May Martin Talks About Printed Cotton Fabrics

In this video, May Martin shows us the huge range of Printed Cotton Fabric available from Fabric Land. She also gives her best examples of what you can create with this style of fabric.

May explains that many of the cotton prints are designed by Fabric Land. These designs are unique and won’t be found anywhere else!

May highlights the benefits of Cotton Fabric and why it is so popular. Cotton is one of the safest and easiest fabrics to sew with. The Eco-friendly cotton contains no harmful chemicals, making it safe to use for both child and adult clothing. May herself recollects how she used printed cotton to make clothes for her own children.

Fabric Land’s fun Fruit Watermelon Cotton is used as an example of a bright print fabric which is great for dresses. May suggests the Liquorish Allsorts Cotton would be perfect for creating a child’s toy box. She explains how a good quality glue stick would easily apply the fabric onto card.

Printed fabric may be very symmetrical or only one way up. May stresses the importance of first establishing if the fabric has a one-way pattern before you cut the pieces.

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