In this video May Martin talks about the beautiful Bridal Lace available from Fabric Land. She demonstrates how to create a wonderfully unique wedding dress.

May discusses how the Bridal Lace conjures up images of beautiful white dresses. She describes how the beaded lace sparkles and shines in the light.

May introduces us to Lace Rose Peace Fabric and Floral Monet Lace Embroidered Sequinned Fabric. She explains how versatile it is to work with. May shows us how both have corded edges around each motif, so you can detach the motif from the fabric. This is perfect if you only want the motif on specific sections of your dress. If you would like a chiffon, lightweight feel, you can cut out the motifs and attach them onto chiffon.

May explains how the pretty scalloped edge may be a challenge. The edge must be placed in the right place and cannot be turned in a hem. May advices that you take care measuring. You can take a tuck out of the fabric, but this takes some skill to do.

As May highlights, a wedding dress is one of the most important outfits one will wear. Whether the wedding dress is for yourself or a loved one, enjoy sewing these beautiful fabrics for the special day.