In this video May Martin tells us all about Vintage Fabrics and how to create your own retro style clothes!

The Vintage trend has been in style for a while and shows no sign of stopping. May talks about the hugely popular Walkaway Dress and how to create your own with the Butterwick Sewing Pattern. She also shows us examples of retro blouse patterns – perfect for completing that 50’s Grace Kelly look!

May explains the advantages of vintage fabrics. As these cottons are eco-friendly, they contain no harmful chemicals. They are also pre-shrunk, so you don’t have to wash the fabric before sewing.

May shows us some of her favourite vintage style fabrics from Fabric Land. The Vintage Cherries Cotton has a fun, bright print which is great for vintage dresses and skirts. The Flapper Vintage Fabric has a classic art-deco print, which works well for a Gatsby-style look.

May advises to be careful when sewing vintage patterned fabrics. If the pattern is all the same way up, be sure to cut the patterns the same way or it may look a bit strange!