This dress took 2 years to make in preparation for the Waterloo anniversary celebrations. It was made from cappuccino colour Duchess Satin, approx. 2 kilos of glass beads and sequins, 10,000, metres of Thread, metalized edging, Lace, Linen linings, coutil interlinings, gauze, embroidery threads and heavy duty cotton backed gold Lame. The Lame was superb and all the fabrics were very good quality and there was a vast amount of choice which allows you to be creative rather than go for what you have to. Apart from the beads which were complex and were sourced from several global locations, some hand dyed, nearly all of this dress fabric was purchased at the Basingstoke store which I love. THANK YOU FABRIC LAND 🙂

Shop Manager’s Notes: You can find all these materials by clicking on the hyperlinked names as well as going onto our Online Shop where you can find various Haberdashery tools offering Embroidery Skein Threads which also has a Metallic Thread option too. Our vast range of fabrics takes you to countless Cotton Fabric ranges (amongst others), giving you the perfect choices to choose from.

One thought on “Napoleonic Court Dress

  1. Shop Manager says:

    Sarah this is such an impressive garment you have created. The attention to detail is unmistakable and the design screams elegance and luxury! Also the colour choices work perfectly together so very well done, your hard work is evident here. Thank you for sending in your garment and we definitely would love to see more of your designs.

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