Welcome to our exquisite collection of Craft Ribbons, available exclusively at Fabric Land. Whether you’re a passionate crafter or a creative DIY enthusiast, our ribbons are perfect for adding a touch of elegance and charm to your projects. Explore our extensive range of designs.

Discover an array of widths, patterns, and colours, carefully selected to suit every occasion and style. From classic solids to vibrant prints, our Craft Ribbons are versatile and can be used for dressmaking, gift wrapping, floral arrangements, and various decorative purposes. Let your imagination soar as you adorn your projects with our high-quality ribbons, designed to elevate your creations to new heights.

With Fabric Land, you can trust in our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. Our Craft Ribbons are affordable without compromising on quality. Shop now and indulge in the joy of crafting with our delightful selection of Craft Ribbons, available for delivery throughout the UK.

These ribbons are perfect for fashion, clothing, hobbies, craft, arts, bunting, gift wrapping, hair bows, hair bands and much much more. Make your statement with what you do to the clothing you have. At Fabric Land UK we understand the value and benefits of using the best quality materials for your projects which is why we are always ensuring that we provide our customers with high standard craft ribbon. In addition to ribbon, we stock a large range of other high quality haberdashery materials. Including: Embroidery Thread, Fastenings, Pom Pom's, Felt Squares, Feathers and many other options. All Craft Ribbon from Fabric Land. We try our best to have a wide selection of our Ribbon available to buy online but if you don’t find the exact ribbon that you are looking for please phone up our head office on 01425 461444 or email us on enquiries@fabricland.net and we will do our very best to find what you are looking for. Alternatively, you could of course visit one of our stores which can be located using the Fabric Land Shops page and consult with one of our well trained and cheerful employees for assistance. You can earn points on every purchase made with Fabric Land. For every £1 spent on the website you will receive 2 points. Points can be spent on the website only and not in-store. Once you have collected 50 points you can head to the My Account Page, Click ‘Points’ and converts those points into a coupon code which can then be applied at checkout. 50 Points are worth £1 of credit on the website. Once the coupon is generated you will have 30 days to redeem it.
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