Our Sewing kits are perfect for both beginners and experienced sewists, as they provide all the necessary materials and tools to complete specific sewing projects.

Our kits come in a variety of themes, including Pyjamas, bucket hats, oven gloves, bags and much much more, and contain high-quality materials such as fabric, thread, needles, and pattern instructions.

We are committed to providing our customers with the best selection of sewing supplies, and our sewing kits are no exception. They make it easy to dive into a new sewing project with confidence, and the sense of accomplishment you’ll feel upon completing it will be well worth the effort. So whether you’re looking to make your first shirt, sew a dress from scratch, or make some handmade decorations, we have a sewing kit for you. Happy sewing!

(8) £5.99

Autumn Fabric

Hoodie Sewing Kit

(5) £24.50

Burda Sewing Patterns

Tailored Trouser Sewing Kit


Craft Sewing Patterns

Fleece Winter Hat Sewing Kit

(2) £4.99

All Patterned Fabric

Short Sleeve T-Shirt Sewing Kit

(9) £15.75
(9) £15.85
(2) £25.75

Patterned Lycra Fabric

Lycra Leggings Sewing Kit

(7) £22.75
(1) £24.50

Christmas Fabric

Oven Gloves Sewing Kit

(3) £8.99
(3) £11.60
(2) £21.55

100% Cotton Fabric

Bunting Sewing Kit

(5) £7.15

Festival Vibes Fabric

Viscose Trouser Sewing Kit

(4) £24.25
(2) £19.50

All Patterned Fabric

Cotton Shirt Sewing Kit

(6) £24.50

Craft Fabric

Cushion Sewing Kit

(2) £7.29
(2) £5.60

Craft Sewing Patterns

Bucket Hat Sewing Kit

(5) £8.99

Dress Sewing Patterns

Cotton Shift Dress Sewing Kit

(8) £22.75

Sewing Kits Our huge collection of Sewing kits contain everything you need to make a stunning garment or craft project including fabric, patterns and matching thread. We have a range of sewing kits to choose from including women's clothing, bags, men's clothing and more! Why not make a stunning knitted jumper dress, or get active with a pair of lycra leggings? All our sewing bundles are made for every ability, so everyone from a novice to an experienced seamstress can create their perfect projects. Want to make more? We also have a range of fabrics to select from to make more! Click here to shop fabrics. We also have a huge range of haberdashery to help you find everything you need to make your dream sewing and craft projects. Can't find what you're looking for? Get in touch with Fabric Land here or call 01425 461444 to speak to our helpful head office to find what you're after.
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