Bell Packets



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Bells accessories – packets of festive bells available from Fabric Land.

Width: 1cm, 2cm.
Material: Metal
Bulk Buy Discount

PacketsCost per Packet
1-4 packets£1.20 per packet
5-9 packets£1.00 per packet
10 packets or more£0.75 per packet

We sell our bells in 2 sizes
1cm bells there are 6 bells in a packet
2cm bells there are 4 bells in a packet

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£2.60 - £3.99 / per metre
£0.85 - £1.25 / per metre
£1.15 - £1.75 / per metre
£2.69 - £4.49 / per metre
£0.55 - £0.89 / per metre
£1.65 - £2.99 / per metre
£1.75 - £2.49 / per metre
£1.85 - £2.99 / per metre
£2.60 - £3.99 / per metre
£0.00 m

Bell Packets

Fabric Land Bells Accessories are perfect for Christmas. Great for use on clothes, fancy dress, table cloths, crafts and everything in between. Our brand new bells are available in a 1cm and 2cm version in colours of Emerald, Gold, Red and Silver. They are a great accessory for any festive craft ideas from stockings to Christmas jumpers. With an easy to use shanked loop you can customise anything.

We sell our bells in 2 sizes 

1cm bells there are 6 bells

2cm bells there are 4 bells

Please order colour and size above

Additional information

1cm, 2cm

Colour Options

Emerald, Gold, Red, Silver

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