Crepe Short Sleeve Top Sewing Kit


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Create a gorgeous Summer top with our Crepe Short Sleeve Top Sewing Kit.

We have added some crepe de chines and georgettes as they drape nicely too!

Included in the crepe short sleeve top sewing kit is:

  • The McCall’s Pattern 8059 (Sizes 6-16 or 18-24)
  • 1.9m of crepe fabric, enough for view D – your choice of design
  • 1 x matching reel of thread duet 100m
  • 1 x 11mm plastic cover button (Instructions included)

All you need to make your top, and create a great look when paired with trousers, leggings or skinny jeans.



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Crepe Short Sleeve Top Sewing Kit

Create a gorgeous Summer with our Crepe Short Sleeve Top Sewing Kit.

This Crepe Short Sleeve Top Sewing Kit comes with all you need to make a beautiful simple top, including McCall’s sewing pattern 8059 (sizes 6-16 or 18-24), 1.9m of Crepe Fabric with your choice of fabric design, a 11mm cover button so you can make a matching button and a 100m reel of matching thread.

This sewing pattern is suitable for all abilities and is therefore perfect for an experienced sewer or a novice.

These soft draping tops are perfect paired with trousers, jeans or a skirt. They are a simple stylish piece to wear for special occasions or casual everyday wear.

You can find more sewing kits with Fabric Land here to find all you need to make your own garments.[vc_video link=”https://youtu.be/iHL6uyQGZ88

Additional information
Pattern Size

B5 (8-16), RR (18w-24w)

Fabric Design

Argentinian Ferns Ivory Crepe, Puma Orange Crepe, Abstract Pink Wave Crepe de Chine, Flamingo Leaf Ivory Crepe de Chine, Nude Wild Flowers Cerise/Blue Georgette, Chrysanthemum Flowers Black/Pink Georgette

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