I was asked to recover this baby’s basket in blue,the choice was left to me to pick the fabric. I used Blue Poly Cotton for the main colour and Dorset Teddies for the contact and trimmed the curtain with Ice Cream Lace Trimming with Ribbon. The lady I spoke to on the phone matched the shades of blue perfect for me and I was so proud of the finished item,the day I finished sewing it, I went off to hospital that evening and had a operation on my finger.

Shop Manager’s Notes: Unfortunately, our Dorset Teddies fabric is not available at the moment, but please click here to view our Teddy Bear Fabric range.

One thought on “Revamp Baby’s Moses Basket

  1. Shop Manager says:

    We are always happy to help 🙂 Your hand sewn baby blue basket is lovely. We admire your dedication and hope your finger feels better soon!

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