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Water Lilies Quilt

Something a bit different. This is your Flamingos fabric (ordered the first day your new website went live) made into a OBW or One block wonder quilt. All of the different kaleidoscope blocks in the centre are made from this one fabric. I put a piece of the original fabric on the back for reference. Hope you like it, I love it!

Shop managers Note: This fabric can be found by clicking the following link https://fabricland.co.uk/product/flamingos-cotton-fabric/

2 thoughts on “Water Lilies Quilt

  1. Megan says:

    This quilt is AMAZING!!! I really would not have believed it was all made from the same flamingo fabric if you hadn’t said – but now I can see how you did it. I’m truly in awe!

  2. Shop Manager says:

    We love it too, Linda! It’s great to see you have used this fabric to create such a unique and quirky quilt. Please keep sending in your creations, we would love to see more.

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